Best diet plan in pregnancy

Best Dirt Plan in Pregnancy

Best diet plan in pregnancy

Best Dirt Plan in Pregnancy
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  • Contents
  • 1 The best diet plan in pregnancy
  • 2 Tips for a healthy diet
  • 3 Diet for pregnant women
  • 3.1 Foods for the second month
  • 3.2 Foods for the third month
  • 3.3 Foods for the fourth month
  • 3.4 Food for the fifth month
  • 3.5 Foods for the month VI
  • The Best diet plan in pregnancy
    The best way to achieve this goal is to follow the pregnant healthy diet to provide the body with all the nutrients needed by the fetus, in addition to some other guidance of exercise Especially in the last months of pregnancy; In order to facilitate delivery. this article will present Best diet plan in pregnancy for pregnant women, as well as a good diet for pregnant women.
  • Tips For A Healthy Diet
    Drink three to four cups of milk daily, or the equivalent of this amount of dairy products such as milk and cheese, for calcium richness.
    Eat enough fish to build your baby’s bones.
    Drink plenty of fluids, such as water and natural juice, because of its contribution to moisturizing the body and protect it from dehydration, in addition to the removal of appendages and sediments, and protection against infection and inflammation of the urinary tract, which is often exposed to pregnant women. Avoid caffeine drinks such as tea and coffee, and substitute them with beneficial herbs, because they affect the growth of the fetus.
    Eat fresh foods to avoid canned preservatives.
    Do not over-cook vegetables, keep them important nutrients, and in turn cook meat well to get rid of harmful bacteria.
    Reduce salt intake, because salt causes swelling in the feet and leads to high blood pressure.
    Replace fried or grilled foods.
    Stop smoking.
    Diet Plan

    Diet for pregnant women
    Here we will show a diet for pregnant women starting in the second month, in which women are often found pregnant until the sixth month:
    Food for the second month
    Eat snacks on your stomach throughout the day, and avoid getting your stomach empty. Avoid fried or high-fat foods. Eat foods containing starches, such as biscuits, cakes, bread, pasta, potatoes. Drink liquids – water, and natural juice – between meals, not during them. Have a snack before bedtime, such as: a cup of low-blood milk with a piece of toast and cheese.
    Food for the third month
    Eat enough vegetables and fruits, because they contain healthy fibers, vitamins and minerals. Drink at least eight glasses of water and other liquids, such as natural juice, herbs, and soups. Eat at least three cups of milk or milk daily. Eat five snacks a day instead of three large ones. Breakfast: milk and corn flakes. Snack: a grain of fruit. Lunch: Rich in vegetables, protein, and starches. Snack: Piece cakes with a glass of natural juice. Dinner: Close to breakfast to be two or three hours before bedtime. Take the dietary supplements prescribed by your doctor.
    Food for the fourth month
    More iron and avoid sweets, let your food as follows: Breakfast: 1 cup low-fat milk with two pieces of cakes and 2 dates or bananas. Snack: Two toast pieces with two tablespoons of cheese and a piece of tomato or cucumber. Lunch: A cup of rice with two cups of cooked vegetables with meat and a cup of yogurt. Snack: Half a cup of unsalted nuts with half a cup of dried fruit and a cup of unsweetened natural juice. Dinner: A cup of vegetable soup with chicken with two pieces of toast and two tablespoons of milk.
    Food for the fifth month
    Ask for your body’s food, while minimizing your desserts. Breakfast: 1 cup skimmed milk with 1 cup of breakfast chips, 2 biscuits and natural fruit juice. Snack: Three dates with half a cup of unsalted nuts. Lunch: a cup of rice or pasta with a piece of grilled meat and a salad plate and a cup of raisin yogurt. Snack: 2 pieces of toast with a brick and cucumber or tomato. Dinner: A vegetable soup cup, with a piece of grilled fillet chicken and four slices of grilled potatoes.
    Food for the sixth month
    Take plenty of fluids. Most of the foods contain Calcium and Calley of Desserts. Take vitamins and minerals. Do not leave yourself long without food, and let your program: Breakfast: A cup of skimmed milk with a glass of corn flakes and a fruit bean. Snack: a piece of toast with a spoon of butter and a spoon of jam Lunch: Salad dish with a cup of rice and a cup of cooked vegetables and meat with a cup of natural fruit juice. Snack: Four dried apricots with half a cup of unsalted nuts. Dinner: White cheese sandwiches, vegetables by request and a cup of soup.

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