Pregnancy Intercourse and the Fetus

Pregnancy Intercourse and the Fetus

Pregnancy Intercourse and the Fetus

During pregnancy, many pregnant women complain that they do not know which reproductive status they can exercise during pregnancy. in this session, we discuss how to overcome in this situation

Pregnancy Intercourse and the Fetus
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Pregnancy Intercourse and the Fetus

As the abdomen grows and the fetus grows, the pregnant woman feels uncomfortable with her constant and constant fear of fetal health. She always wonders about the effect of these conditions on the growth of her fetus. However, pregnant women can not abstain from having sexual intercourse during pregnancy because sexual desire and arousal increases in pregnant women by a higher proportion, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Here is my dear, pregnant with five original conditions suitable for pregnancy and fetal health.


1. The edge of the bed

This position is very suitable for pregnant women because when you lie on the side of the bed avoids the pressure of the fetus on the uterus and therefore does not occur more pressure on the blood vessels and prevents low blood pressure or accelerated heartbeat. This quality also avoids the occurrence of dizziness and dizziness so this situation will fit with all months of pregnancy and not only this, but this situation of sexual intercourse is delightful for husband and wife because it gives them more flexibility in motion. You can practice the position of the edge of the bed by lying on her back on the bed. So that the pelvic area at the side of the bed with a pillow under the head of the pregnant while the husband is in the position of standing and trying to enter the male member inside the vagina and wrap the legs of the pregnant wife around the husband’s waist and then start the Sexual process intercourse.

2 – status of the wife to the top

This situation is one of the safest original conditions for pregnant women during pregnancy. It is also desirable for the fetus and makes its movement regular and does not cause any concern or health risks. This situation is very suitable for all months of pregnancy, but it is preferred not to exercise during the last month. Most women prefer this situation very much because it is very comfortable and does not make the pregnant woman have to open her legs a lot, allowing the husband to pat her breasts and clitoris with kissing. It is in addition to the feeling of pleasure by the husband and wife and practices the position of the wife up by lying on the back of the husband on the bed. The pregnant wife climbs over him and can lean forward while keeping her position. The husband can also put a pillow under his head so that he can enter his penis inside his wife’s vagina and penetrate easily.

3 – the position of the spoon

The location of the spoon is one of the most important lists of sexual situations very suitable for pregnant women and useful to the fetus is not causing him pressure or discomfort, as it is a very romantic situation in which there is real fun with a sense of warm love. The pregnant wife can lie on her side, and the husband also lay on his bedside to be the duo in the position of the spoon. This situation allows the couple to face and enjoy each other as the husband can divorce his wife with fondling her breasts and embrace romantic and begins to insert his penis into his wife’s vagina. This situation prevents dizziness or dizziness, it also regulates the heartbeat and helps improve blood pressure levels in the pregnant woman.

4 – lying position

This position is very suitable for all months of pregnancy, especially in recent months and is useful for the seventh month, eighth and ninth very much because it helps to facilitate the process of birth and prevent obstructive birth, and it promotes the health of the fetus and allow the arrival of blood and oxygen to the fetus faster. This position also provides excellent, great and enjoyable spots at the same time and allows the couple to get the shiver and sexual pleasure. For this purpose lying on her stomach. And that her stomach is raised and is based on the hands of her hands, i.e., “wrists” with her knees as well, while the husband is to insert his penis to his wife’s vagina, but from the back and is also in his positions on his knees and the penetration occurs.

5. Pad position

This position depends on the use of the pillow to feel more comfortable. For the pregnant wife and the pleasure and sexual pleasure also. At the same time, this situation is more intimate and sexual desire, which is a position to lying on the back of the wife on the bed with a pillow under her head and a pillow under her ass. The husband rises above his wife, and the wife raises her legs around the vegetables of her husband with her hands wrapped around the neck of the husband to give them a sense of convergence and confrontation more enjoy the moment intimate and kissing and caressing. The husband is keen not to pressure his wife’s belly, and this situation makes the wife more relaxed and comfortable and protects them from feeling pain, and you can exercise this position during the months of pregnancy, especially the first months.

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